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Division I Guidelines and Forms

Division I - Cheerleading  General Tournament Rules and Guidelines
Cheerleading Tournament History
Division I - Cheerleading Appendix A - Judging Five Levels of Difficulty (PDF)
Division I - Cheerleading  Appendix A - Coaching Cheerleaders Successfully-  (PDF)
  Page 2    Page 3    Page 4    Page 5 (PDF)
Division I - Cheerleading  Chairperson's Responsibilities
Division I - Cheerleading  - Team Information Sheet (PDF)
Division I - Cheerleading - All-Star Ballot (PDF)
Division I - Cheerleading  - Individual Jump Score Sheet (PDF)
Division I - Cheerleading  - Individual Cheer Score Sheet (PDF)
Division I - Cheerleading - Spirit Award Ballot (PDF)
1993 Amendment to "Guidelines"  (PDF)
2001 Cheerleading Revisions (PDF)
Cheerleading Division I - Team Competition Score Sheets Page 2    Page 3    Page 4  (PDF)

Division II -  Guidelines and Forms

Division II - Cheerleading  Regulations
Division II - Cheerleading  Tournament Rules
Division II - Cheerleading  Tournament History
Division II - Cheerleading  Sportsmanship History
Division II - Cheerleading  Chairperson's Responsibilities
Division II - Cheerleading Competition Rate Sheet - In-Game Judging (PDF)
  Division II - Cheerleading Competition Rate Sheet - Squad Judging (PDF)
  Division II  - Cheerleading - All-Star Ballot (PDF)
  Division II - Cheerleading - Jim Cooney Sportsmanship Award Ballot (PDF)

All Divisions -  Cheerleading Competition

2005 - All Divisions Results (PDF)

Division I - Cheerleading Results by Year

Division I Results from 1978 - 1985 (PDF)
Division I  Results for 85-86 at ASD; 86-87 at Lex (PDF)
Division I  Results for 87-88 at SMSD; 88-89 at MSD (PDF)
Division I  Results for 89-90 at MKSD; 90-91 at NYSD (PDF)
Division I  Results for 91-92 at ASD; 92-93 at LEX (PDF)
Division I  Results for 93-94 at MSD; 94-95 at MKSD (PDF)
Division I  Results for 95-96 at ASD; 96-97 at LEX (PDF)
Division I  Results for 97-98 at WPSD; 98-99 at NYSD (PDF)
Division I  Results for 99-00 at MSD; 00-01 at MKSD; 01-02 at ASD;
02-03 at MKSD (PDF)
  2001 Division I Cheerleading  Results (PDF)
2002 Division I Cheerleading  Results (PDF)
2003 Division I Cheerleading  Chairperson's Report  (PDF)
2005 -Division I Cheerleading Results for 04-05 (PDF)
2005 Division I Cheerleading  Chairperson's Report  (PDF)

Division II - Cheerleading Results by Year

  1991 Division II Cheerleading Results (PDF)
  1994 Division II Cheerleading Results (PDF)
  1995 Division II Cheerleading Results (PDF)
1996 Division II Cheerleading Results (PDF)
  1997 Division II Cheerleading Results (PDF)
1998 Division II Cheerleading Results (PDF)
  1999 Division II Cheerleading Results (PDF)
2000 Division II & III Cheerleading Results (PDF)
2001 Division II Cheerleading Results (PDF)
2002 Division II Cheerleading Results (PDF)
2003 Division II Cheerleading Results (PDF)

Division III - Cheerleading Results by Year

  1996-1999 Division III Cheerleading Results (PDF)
  1996 Division III Cheerleading Results (PDF)
1997 Division III Cheerleading Results (PDF)
  1998 Division III Cheerleading Results (PDF)
1999 Division III Cheerleading Results (PDF)
2000 Division II & III Cheerleading Results (PDF)